Towing policy

NCCIA owns the alleyways that are located in Sections 1, 2 and 3. Here is what our deed restrictions state under "Section 10: Storage of Automobiles, Boats, Trailers and Other Vehicles:"

"No boat trailers, boats, travel trailers, inoperative automobiles, campers or vehicles of any kind are to be semi-permanently or permanently stored in the public street right of way or on driveways. Permanent and semi-permanent storage of such items and vehicles must be screened from public view, either within the garage or behind the fence which encloses the rear of the lot."

NCCIA has an agreement with a towing company to service our area, and legally required towing signage is posted at the entrances to these alleyways. If our management company, SCS Management Services, finds a vehicle that is in violation, it will send a letter to the homeowners asking them to remove the vehicle that is in violation immediately. If the homeowners don't respond in 10 days, SCS will contact the towing company and ask them to sticker the vehicle.

At that point, the towing company will place a 72 hour warning sticker on the vehicle. If the vehicle is towed, the storage lot will contact the registered owner via letter, providing the owner an opportunity to retrieve the impounded vehicle.